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Our FAQ page is designed to answer commonly asked questions pertaining to IHS’s service, policy and products. If you don’t see your question, please feel free to fill out the form below and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible

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General Inquiries

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Monday to friday 9am to 5pm

Yes we do, anywhere in Ontario. If it is in the GTA we use a delivery service and if elsewhere we use couriers.

Personalized medication that are made to satisfy your unique medical needs such as allergies to excipients, intolerance to lactose etc…

Insurance coverage may vary on the plan and provider. You can call your plan provider for more information regarding coverage.

Yes, if you wish to do so you can create a drug card for the compound and you can bill that to the insurance. With each compound made we send you a list of ingredients used and the quantities used. You can use this information to create the drug card.

Depending on the complexity of the compound and the shipping distance, it can take 24-72 hours for you to receive your medication.

Yes, if you wish to upload the prescription instead of faxing it to us, you can do so. If there are no central fill agreement between us, we will contact the patient directly to provide a quote to them and deliver the compound to their home. If you have a central fill agreement with us, we will provide a quote directly to you and not the patient.

Our agreement is not a contract. You can order for your patients whenever you need. The agreement is more so in place to ensure both parties are aware of their responsibilities, for example counselling and clinical verification falls on the dispensing pharmacy not the compounding pharmacy.

Depending on the complexity of the compound and the distance, it can take up between 24-72 hours for you to receive the compound. This is from when you give us the go ahead based on the quote we provide you.

You can upload your prescription through our upload tool. We will then contact you to provide a quote and estimated delivery time.

Both! You can pick up your medication in person or we can have it delivered to any ON address.

Yes, of course! This is why we focus on personalized medications, to ensure we can provide you alternatives for commercial available products. If you have any allergies, IHS can help you!

Yes, we have a whole department focusing on veterinary compounds. Just upload your pet’s prescription and we will take it from there.

Yes, we have a whole team focusing on hormonal and endocrine compounding. We are able to compound products with strengths and concentrations that are not commercially available.

Yes, at IHS we can compound medications in various routes of delivery that are not commercially available. For example, oral suspensions, suppositories and troches.

Yes, once you are a partner you will have access to your account. With your login details you are able to upload prescriptions for office use as well as order OTC supplies for your office.

We can make a large variety of compounds for both human and veterinary use, both sterile and non sterile products. Examples include, oral suspension, suppositories, topical creams, troches and oral pastes.

Yes absolutely. We specialize in this field, finding solutions for such allergies and intolerances. For example we are able to make lactose free and gelatin free tablets and capsules.

There is no contract involved. We just ask you to sign an agreement that outlines each party’s roles and responsibilities. We also require a credit card for your account for payments. You can terminate this agreement at any time.

Typically the turnaround time for orders is 24-48 hours.

Yes, one of our compounding pharmacists would be more than happy to recommend a formula based on the needs of your patient and the desired outcomes.

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