With our state of the art lab and expert compounding pharmacists, you can be rest assured that your patients are in good hands. We have invested in equipment such as the Maz and Samix to ensure the compounds created have the highest quality. All our compounds will be made in safety hoods that ensure the product is free from contamination.

We offer customized solutions to your patients and practice

Minimize risk of adverse events and non adherence by ordering custom formulations for your patient.

Our Process for

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Benefits for Pharmacists

Easy Record Keeping

Keep all your patients’ records in a single site, which is convenient for the patient

Order as Needed

No contract, just an agreement, order as needed

Save on Expenses

Maintain your dispensing fee, as well as saving money in equipment and chemicals

Hassle Free Business

Focus on your patients and your business, rather than keeping up with the NAPRA guidelines

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